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An introduction on Faith and Deed and why does f & d shirts are considered ‘more than fashion’

Throughout the ministry of Christ here on earth, He taught us two greatest things that sum up the whole teachings of the prophets and the Laws of Moses: to love the Lord our God with all our heart, with our entire mind, with our soul, with all our strength and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves (Cf. Mark 12: 29 – 31, The Jerusalem Bible).

In the entire Gospels, there are many instances that the Lord Jesus Christ had manifested this love, for God and for His neighbors by His deeds:

–          He healed the sick and the demon possessed because of His tender compassions and mercy—the utmost manifestation of a good act (Cf. Matthew 11: 2 – 6; Luke 7: 21; Acts 1:38)

–          He fed the hungry (Matthew 14: 14 – 21; Mark 6: 30 -44; Luke 9: 10 – 17; John 6: 1 – 13);

–          He made friends of the outcasts or the neglected in the Jewish society (Matthew 9: 10 – 11; Mark 2: 15 – 16; Luke 7: 39; 15: 2; 19: 7)

–          He did care for all whose need confronted Him (Matthew 8: 28 – 34; Luke 7: 11 – 17)

Jesus Himself has told the early Christians that the indelible mark that will distinguish the followers of Christ to other peoples of the world is love (Cf. John 13:34, The Jerusalem Bible).


Undeniably, the world is facing a huge crisis, not only in terms of financial but societal and spiritual as well.

In the Philippines and elsewhere, many people—Christians and non-Christians alike—were stripped off with their dignity as humans as poverty and injustice plague them.

Impoverished and hopeless they are they were forced to engage in sinful activities such as prostitution, theft and drug addiction. What is more saddening, most of them are in their very young age.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) reports that the Philippine government’s globalization policy, though making the local economy more internationally competitive, it has also exposed children to such negative influences as family separation, dangerous drugs and urban poverty (Cf. Unicef, 2004)


Confronted with the issues of the devaluation of human life and the erosion of the human values, some youth—most of them are actively participating in the activities and outreach programs of their parishes and congregations—have decided to act and the stand firm on the vocation of proclaiming the Gospel of Christ—bringing the Light of Christ to the world and to serve as the Light and Salt of the World (Cf. Matthew 5:16; Matthew 5: 13, 14 The Jerusalem Bible). However, they want to do it in them most creative way.

This has given birth to Faith and Deed apparels.


More than fashion, it is a testament of the living faith

Faith and Deed (F & D) is more than shirts, caps, etc. that bear passages from the Good Book. It is a testament of a living faith.

The wearer of the F & D shirt is actually the bearer of the love and light of Christ. Once that one has worn the shirt, he or she is committed to become an instrument of sowing the seeds of the living and active Christian faith.

Commitment to the Gospel of Christ is what makes this collection unique and distinct from any other apparel.

It is a movement

Upon the acquisition of the clothing, one is signing a Testament of Covenant that compels the wearer to act as a witness to the goodness and love of God through Christ by being good citizens (Cf. Matthew 17: 24 – 27), faithfully doing his or her share for the betterment of the society (Matt. 22: 15 – 22; Romans 13: 1 – 7; 1 Timothy 2: 2; I Peter 2: 17).

Upon signing, the wearer will become an automatic member of the movement of Christians that are exercising their faiths by helping their fellow humans—the exact image of God (Cf. Genesis 1: 27 – 30)—in restoring their dignity as a persons and their spirituality and morality as citizens of the Kingdom of God (Colossians 1: 13; Hebrew 12: 28).

An act of charity

As part of its social responsibility the F & D is giving a portion of its profits to charitable institutions as well as to fund some social activities of the F & D Movement that aim to uplift the living condition of some of our brothers and sisters.

As a support to the Evangelization efforts of the Church

As mentioned before, the shirts and other materials will be used as instrument of evangelization. The wearer will a part of the evangelization effort of the Church and will become the true and genuine witness of the love and power of Christ.


We are asking for your support to this endeavor. Let us be partners in proclaiming the goodness of the Lord and making our faiths a living faith (James 2: 20, the King James Version).


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